About us

We are Smart Tigers.

We are a 100% Bumiputera company incorporated in 2018 with the aim and objective of offering top notch educational services to the masses.

We Publish Educational Books & Digital Content. We Empower Individuals with Education & Knowledge. We Embolden Students with Learning Skills. We Promote Bahasa Melayu & English Language Mastery. We Uphold Dual Language Learning for Maths & Sciences. We Advocate Examination Based Academic Assessment. We Embrace Lifelong Learning. We Cherish Knowledge Sharing.

Education The Harimau Way ...

Independent Book Publishing

Nothing beats the good old physical book. As an independent publisher, Harimau authors, publishes, prints, distributes, and markets our educational titles. All books strictly comforms to the relevant authority's curriculum namely KSSR, KSSM, CIE, IGCSE and PSLE.

We are also on Shopee & Lazada.
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Educational Worksheet Store

At times a worksheet works better than a book in keeping up with drills and exercises. They are lightweight, easy to bring anywhere and handy to use whenever and wherever. We publish educational worksheet, an affordable and convenient learning tool.

We are also on Shopee.
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Niche E-Learning Platforms

The flexibility to access educational materials anytime, anywhere is an essential aspect in developing an academically inclined individual. Harimau develops, markets and manages our own e-learning websites. They serve either a niche area of study or a niche grouping of students.


Malay/English Mastery

Mastering both Bahasa Melayu and the English Language is essential in the process of learning. Students must be proficient in both languages. Harimau advocates mastering dwibahasa or dual language as it facilitates global communication and access to information.